Heirloom Mars X Alyssa Carson *PRE-ORDER*



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     Available for pre-order February 26, 2021 until March 07, 2021

     We are proud to announce our collaboration scarf with Alyssa Carson. We hope when you wear this scarf it reminds you of the amazing accomplishments that we as humanity have made in space over the last years, and that soon we will be an interplanetary people. We are beyond excited to be but a small part in Alyssa's story, and we hope you enjoy this scarf as much as we do.

     This scarf is lighter than our wave or quilt scarves and is perfect for the coming cool and windy months.

     It typically takes 30 days for orders to come in on our end. We'll fulfill from our Tennessee location the second it hits stateside. Complete transparency with any production and shipping updates.

  • 180cm x 19cm
  • 100% Voluminous Acrylic
  • Antique brass crown button badge